Saturday, September 25, 2010

In the beginning...

(would these billboards spark interest across the sate?)
Sometimes it starts with nothing more than a head shake and the words "that ain't right." Then... slowly but surely... it grows into something that just eats away at you both day and night. So begins this blog and our web site. Enough is enough. Our right to life is inalienable. It can not be denied by man... because it comes from God!  Our founders new that. They put that right as the second in what we call the Bill of Rights... not only to protect and defend our country from all enemies... domestic and foreign... but to protect us personally from the evil amongst us. 

Over the last couple of generations the populous has allowed our rights to become nothing more than words on paper. Suggestions. Our founders wrote and specified our bearing of arms was a Right that "Shall not be Infringed." But the political heads have craftily and oppressively legislated laws by men to deny us all a basic Civil Liberty. This is not only an attack on our Constitution but is simply evil to control us into submission.

So starts our battle if you choose to fight it with me. We have to make a stand and demand our Rights to be honored and respected.


States like Arizona, Alaska and Vermont respect the Rights of the People. No permit (permission) is needed to carry a gun for protection. In California, you have no such right. No right to defend yourself or your loved ones when you are away from home. Your life is not worth protecting.


Call or email those running for state office. They represent you. Ask for their opinion and then give them yours. Then let us know what they say. We will have more information on our web site at   in the coming days.

This is a thorn in my side. I am determined to make it one in theirs. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know. If we can save one life... it's worth the fight and sacrifice. 


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